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Founder PCB to showcase High Speed PCB Technologies at DESIGNCON 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center January 29th-30th 2014

China’s largest printed circuit board fabricator  to present recent  advancements  for  high speed  PCBs and Backplanes  targeting High End Server and Storage markets. Booth 537
For Immediate release - January 25th, 2013
(San Jose ,Ca)
Founder PCB, the largest Chinese owned fabricator of advanced printed circuit boards has announced  it will showcase an array of new and innovative technologies for supporting high speed data transmission at this year’s DesignCon 2014 to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center  , January 29th and 30th.
Founder PCB SVP and CTO/CMO George Dudnikov commented, “ During the past year , Founder PCB has made major advancements in developing volume production capabilities for high speed PCBs and backplanes used in high performance server, storage and other networking systems”. “We have facilitated a full Signal Integrity Lab with both high speed TDR and VNA test equipment and have added experienced engineering staff who can assist our customers in optimizing their high speed signal parameters against material and PCB production capabilities to not only improve data transmission speed but also improve the quality of the signals by reducing skew and Bit Error Rate effects”.
 Visitors to the Founder PCB booth will be able to view the following technologies and data:
·         Insertion Loss comparison of some of the newest  low Dk/Df laminate materials from US and Asia laminators
·         PCB process variability effects on high speed Signal Integrity
·         Large form factor backplanes running over 25 Gbps serial transmission
·         Precision backdrilling of 1mm and .8mm BGA vias with 2 track routing
·         Skip via capability to produce L1-L3 microvias
·         Spread Inductance ® SpL-50™ ( 50 micron) and SpL-40™ ( 40 micron) thin  power/ground core laminates for reducing high frequency resonances on the power distribution network and providing embedded capacitance for reducing the number of bypass capacitors.
·         Active and Blind Press Fit backplanes used to integrate two PCBs into one
Added Dudnikov, “Founder PCB is now in volume production of PCBs capable of operating at 12.5 -25 Gbps data rates. We are one of the first fabricators in China that have taken Insertion Loss testing out of the laboratory and placed the capability on the production floor. Our development efforts in R&D are now targeting 40 Gbps.” “We will have technical people in our booth who will showcase some of the new technologies we have been working on.”
Visit Founder PCB Booth 537 at DesignCon 2014
About Founder PCB
Founder PCB was established in 1986 in Zhuhai, China. It is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China with 5 plants focusing on a one-stop service strategy and high-end PCB products. Product capabilities include HDI PCBs, Multilayer PCBs (up to 40 layers), high speed backplanes, high density line card PCBs, RF boards, Gold Finger PCBs, and IC Substrates. The company has production capacity of over 15 million square feet. In addition, the company has a dedicated QTA factory and R&D Institute which can support NPI programs and 3-10 day Quick Turn delivery of PCBs for US customers.  The products are mainly applied in the fields of telecom, network infrastructure, mobile phones, consumer digital, medical, automotive, IT, and aerospace. Visit the Founder PCB website at
Founder PCB is part of Founder Group a multi-billion dollar Chinese conglomerate. More information can be found at
For more information, contact:
George Dudnikov
Senior Vice President CTO/CMO
Founder PCB
        408 828-1772

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