Constantly Innovation
Dare to be the pioneers, pursuit of excellence, outstanding to be difference.
Promote open and equality, to respect, encourage and inspire employee’s innovation vigor.
Aspire after product and service innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, to produce high value-added products and service through innovation.
Founded upon Integrity, Built with Honesty
Founded upon Integrity, Built with Honesty is the principal and basic behavior of our company and all the employees.
Built with Honesty is to be credible and loyal. Founded upon integrity is to be conscientious.
Be conscious to social responsibility, and to make the company’s interest to be consistent with the overall interest of social development.
Facilities and Activities
The campus equipped with living and entertainment facilities: Supermarket, Library, Infirmary, Entertainment Center, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Tennis Court etc.
The company provides free accommodation, indoor basic facilities, equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, TV, Internet and other electrical equipment according to the needs of employees.
Monthly Electrical Magazine provides a stage for employees to display their talent.
Monthly Star, Monthly Excellent Employees selection is hold to praise and encourage employees.

Annual celebration party, Mid-autumn Day Party, Annual Excellence award ceremony and Teacher’s Festival etc. are hold to share the good time with employees.

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