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During doing the CSR, Founder PCB also takes the relative parties communication as the key factor for optimizing the company’s CSR. We devoted to keep the active communication with internal and external relative parties, to be aware about people’s viewpoint, and to put the problems that people raise into the activities that we are doing.
Customer Communication
Founder PCB always insist customer-oriented, and making great effort to provide high quality product and service, to priority satisfy customer demand, improve customer competitiveness and profitable capability.
Founder PCB is positive in building and maintaining the cooperation and mutual benefit relationship with customer. The main channels that have been building up are: Annual Symposium, Service Hot Line, Customer Certification Acceptance, Routine Communication etc.
Employee Communication
There are formal and informal smooth communication channels between Founder PCB and its employees. Employees can give out their opinions and suggestions directly to their supervisors, and also can communicate with higher executive or relative department base on the Open Policy of the company.
The main channels that have been building up are: Suggestion Box, Conversazione, Cross-level Interview, Employees Representative Meeting etc.
We sincerely care about your opinion on Founder PCB’s CSR job, your opinion and suggestion will be very important for us to improve and optimize our CSR job.
If you have any opinion or suggestion, please call us through the contact below, Thank you very much!
Phone No.: +86-756-5658000

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