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I. Social Responsibility Statement
In order to improve the supplier corporate social responsibility, we list following principal and requirement according to our corporate social responsibility guideline. We request our suppliers to conduct self-checking as per these principal and requirement, and to jointly establish a healthy and benign supply chain.
1. Business ethic
1.1 All business activities must abide by the principal of integrity. Any illegal behavior, such as corruption, blackmail and money laundering are forbidden. Surveillance and strict procedure should be executed to fulfill probity requirement.
1.2 Not to provide or accept bribery or any other improper benefit. And present should be of moderate value.
1.3 To public related business activities, organization structure, financial status and performance information according to applicable laws and regulations and industry customs.
1.4 To respect intellectual property. It should be well protected when transferring technology and manufacturing experience.
1.5 To develop standard for fair deal, ads and competition. There must be measures to protect client’s information.
1.6 To develop procedures to protect supplier and staff who impeach to the company and to assure their ID confidentiality.
2. Labor requirement
2.1 Protection for child and juvenile labor
2.1.1 Neither use child labor nor support using.
2.1.2 If Child labor is founded, company should set up, record and keep specific policy and written procedure designed to relieve these children, and to convey it to staff and relative parties. Company should also provide sufficient financial and other support for these children to take education until they exceed children’s age as defined by law.
2.1.3 Company can hire juveniles, but it must recorded in local government labor bureau, and establish list accordingly.
2.1.4 Company must not let juveniles to work in hazardous and special position which are harmful to their physical and psychological health and development, cannot arrange them to work at night.
2.1.5 Company must provide free physical examination for juveniles before, during and after employment.
2.2 Compulsive work
2.2.1 Company must not allow or support compulsive work, and must nor require staff to hand in antecedent money and ID card upon employment.
2.2.2 Company, and any entity which provide labor force for company, must not withhold staff’s salary, welfare, property and certificates, which aims to force staff to keep working for company
2.2.3 Staff is entitled to leave working place after standard working hours. And they can terminate employment contract freely after informing company ahead in reasonable time.
2.3 Working and holiday time requirement
2.3.1 As to working hour and public vocation, company should be abided by applicable law and industry standard.
2.3.2 According to law, standard working hour, with additional working time excluded, should not exceed 48 hours per week.
2.3.3 Staff must have holiday for at least one day after working continuously for 6 days. All additional work time must be based on staff’s own will.
2.3.4 Company must set up risk management system for additional working, so as to assure staff physical and psychological health and to realize company sustainable development.

2.4 Basic salary assurance and social insurance
2.4.1 Salary and welfare to staff should be no less than that stipulated by law and local government.
2.4.2 To pay salary for additional working time as per regulated by law and regulations.
2.4.3 Upon employment, company should explain working condition, compensation and payday to staff, in understandable language and written terms. Not to deduct salary as punishment to staff. Any cut payment should be explained clearly to staff.
2.4.4 Payday should abide by local law and regulation. Not allow arrear wages or delay.
2.4.5 Company should let staff join insurance and pay for partial premium as per local laws or governmental regulation.
2.5 To establish staff rights protection system
2.5.1 Company should establish staff rights protection system as per law, including work time, vocations, payment, compensation, work discipline, dismiss and related rights. These systems should be published in proper way for staff to check anytime.
2.5.2 Company should establish profession training system. Plan and provide training for staff based on actual need.
2.6 Labor contract
2.6.1 Company should sign labor contract with staff. Signing and modifying contract should follow principle of equality, free will and mutual agreement. Not to violate law and regulation.
2.6.2 Company should follow labor law when dissolving labor contract. Company should inform involved party before hand and provide compensation.
2.7 To protect women rights
2.7.1 Women enjoy equal employment rights except special position specified by local regulation.
2.7.2 Company mustn’t send women to positions prohibited by local regulation.
2.7.3 During menses, company mustn’t send women to positions involving height, low temperature, cold water and prohibition by local government.
2.7.4 During pregnancy, company mustn’t send women to positions prohibited by local government. Women enjoy maternity leave no less than 3 months.
2.7.5 Before the baby is one year old, company mustn’t send women to positions prohibited by local government or extend working hours or work at night shift.
2.8 Punishment
2.8.1 Company should respect every staff. Company must not allow or support physical punishment, mental or physical threaten or verbal humiliation. Not to treat staff in crude and inhuman way.
2.9 No discrimination
2.9.1 Company must not allow or support discrimination involving race, nation, family background, society status, bloodlines, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility, marital status, labor union, political stand, age, etc.
2.9.2 Company should respect staff of different race and religion, and provide necessary facility for their customs.
2.9.3 Company must not allow any threaten, abuse, exploitation and compulsive sexual harassment.
2.9.4 Company must not require staff to do pregnancy or virginity test in any circumstance.
2.10 Respect staff’s rights for social activity, equal consultation and communication.
2.10.1 Company should have organization which can represent and safeguard staff’s legal rights and can hold activity independently, for example, labor union, staff representative association, club and other communication channel.
2.10.2 Staff is entitled to take part in democratic management or equal consultation aimed to protect legal rights and interests as per law and regulation, through staff representative conference or forms
2.10.3 Company should assure that staff and their representatives will not suffer discrimination, harassment, threat or revenge because they are labor union member or take part in its activity.
3. Health and safety requirements
3.1 Safe and healthy working conditions
3.1.1 Owning to understanding of general industry danger and any specific danger, company should provide safe and healthy working conditions, and take effective action to minimize hidden danger in work as much as possible, so as to avoid harm to staff health related to work.
3.1.2 Company should provide effective health and safety guideline to staff regularly, including on-site instructions, special operation instructions if necessary, etc.
3.1.3 Staff should get sufficient and proper training on health and safety, so as for them to fully realize dangers related to work and to learn how to minimize them. Training should be provided to staff that are newly recruited or are transferred to new position or work in place where accident happens.
3.1.4 Company should establish system to identify, prevent and deal with possible threat to staff health and safety. Company should keep written record of all accident happen in work place and of domicile and property controlled by company.
3.1.5 Company should provide safe and healthy working condition and necessary appliances for labor protection. Physical examination should be given to staff in position involving occupation hazard. For special position, staff should be trained accordingly and attain specific qualification.
3.1.6 If staff get injure at work, company should provide first aid and help them attain subsequent treatment.
3.1.7 Company should assess all risk for pregnant women during non-work activity, and take reasonable action to eliminate or to reduce related dangers.
3.1.8 Company should provide clean and sanitary washroom, drinking water and facility to store food when necessary.
3.1.9 If company provide dormitory, it should be clean, safe and able to satisfy basic need for staff.
3.1.10 Every staff is entitled to go away from serious dangers that are happening, even without company authorization.
3.1.11 Company should identify and assess emergencies. To minimize its influence, company should implement emergency plan and procedures, including emergency report, notification, evacuating procedures, training and maneuver, proper fire detecting facility and fire unit, sufficient exits and recovery plan.
3.1.12 Company should establish procedures to investigate, analyze and record industry injury, so as to bring down rate of accident and industry injury.
4. Environmental requirements
4.1 Environmental protection
4.1.1 Company should obtain, maintain and update all the necessary environmental permit (such as emissions monitoring), approval documents and registration certificate. Company should abide by requirements of these permits and documents.
4.1.2 Company should identify and control chemical and other material which will be harmful to the environment, so as to assure these materials is processed, transported, stored, used, recycled and handled safely.
4.1.3 Liquid and solid waste, generated in operation, processing and sanitary facility, should be sorted, monitored, controlled and handled as required before they are released or processed.
4.1.4 Volatile organic chemical material, aerosol, particulate, ozone chemical consumable material and air by-products of combustion, should be distinguished, monitored and handled before releasing.
4.1.5 Company should abide by all applicable law, regulation and customer requirement of prohibiting and restricting certain material.
4.2 Energy conservation and emission reduction
4.2.1 Company should reduce and eliminate waste through root or practice, such as improving production, maintaining facilities, substituting material, saving and recycling resource.
4.2.2 Company should introduce new technology and product continuously on saving energy, material and space, etc.
4.2.3 Company should increase percentage of green and new energy, and reduce greenhouse gases and realize low-carbon economy.
4.2.4 Company should improve equipment utility ratio, reduce energy consumption, pursue dynamic energy conservation and reduce traveling.
4.2.5 Company should promote packing standardization and realize visual green packing and logistics.
5. Supplier social responsibility management
5.1 Following this statement, company should manage her suppliers and sub-contractors, including but not limited to audit, improvement following, influence, training and risk management, etc.
5.2 Company should keep record which can prove supplier and subcontractor’s commitment to social responsibility, including but not limit to agreement or written commitment.
5.3 Company should establish, maintain and write down proper procedure to take into account that ability and commitment in satisfying requirement of this statement when assessing and selecting supplier and sub-contractor.
5.4 Company should try best to assure her supplier and sub-contractor can reach requirement of this statement within scope of her control and influence.
6. Social responsibility purchasing principle
6.1 Newly introduced suppliers should conduct qualification according to this statement and on-site audit criteria. If company fails to meet requirement of this statement, it must work out improvement plan and take action in stipulated time, otherwise it can’t become our qualified supplier. Under the same condition, Founder prefers to choose supplier who has better performance in social responsibility.
6.2 Qualified supplier should conduct self-check or supplemental qualification according this statement. For annual key audit suppliers, they must work out improvement plan and take action in stipulated time if they fail to meet our requirement on environment and occupational health.
6.3 We encourage and guide suppliers to fully meet all requirements of this statement.
6.4 Founder require supplier to abide by international, national and local law and regulation. If there are conflicts between law and our criteria, law should prevail. If there is no conflict but the content are different, clauses which can better protect staff benefit should prevail.
II.Social Responsibility Commitment
As supplier of Founder PCB, we have learned and understood the CSR statement provided by Founder PCB. Understanding this statement, our company promises and guarantee as follows
1. We abide by national law, regulation and relevant international convention and industry standard and practices. We forbid any behavior that violates business ethics and integrity.
2. We abide by national and local labor law and respect human rights. We forbid child labor and compulsive labor and discrimination. We provide staff with certain resting time, basic salary guarantee and social insurance. We establish staff rights protection system and sign labor contract with staff. We respect staff’s rights of social activity and equal communication.
3. We assure staff with a safe and healthy living and working environment. We will provide timely occupational healthy training to staff. We will identify risks in working place regularly, and provide necessary appliances for labor protection, and arrange body check for staff in dangerous position regularly. Subsidy will be provided and staff health system will be established and improved.
4. We advocates low carbon life, energy conservation and emission reduction and cleaner production. We will discharge waste, protect environment and build green homes strictly as per national or local governmental requirements.

5. We will manage suppliers and sub-suppliers according to this statement, including but not limited to audit, improvement follow up, influence, training and risk management, etc. And make sure they meet requirement of this statement, in the field under their control and influence.

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